Havle Meet-ups to begin

We have been wanting to move on from the days of the pandemic during which we missed meetings in person, so on November 10, Wednesday evening, we will hold the first meet-up to chat and listen, learn from each other, encounter one another, and show solidarity, in Havle meet-ups.  

The theme of the event that will be held around the topic of “Working Out Desire: Women, Sport, and Self-Making in Istanbul” is as follows:

Sertaç Sehlikoğlu will talk about her book, an anthropological study aimed at making sense of the relations between desire and subjectivity. In her book, Sehlikoğlu analyzes humans and the “skill” of desire, with their limits and possibilities, their movements and stagnations. As an object of analysis, Sehlikoğlu uses one of the dozens of trends we are familiar with: interest in sports. In our conversation, we will first talk about the construction of sports as a means of desire, from sportswomen to “sporty aunts”, and then women who construct themselves as desiring subjects with sports.

Our first speaker in Havle Meet-ups, Sertaç Sehlikoglu is a social anthropologist specializing in the Middle East and an academic in University College London.  Her work focuses on the intangible aspects of human subjectivity that connect individuals in deeper and less visible ways. For this aim, she has worked on desire, aspirations, and self-making. Second, she enjoys ethnographically revisiting the concepts that are used in theory too much to the extent of losing their meanings. She revisited terms like agency, intimacy, and imagination, to ethnographically ground them and to question the social theory that tends to move towards abstraction and lose sight of the everyday realities. Her geographical focus, for the last thirteen years, has been the Middle East (mostly Turkey) and in the last three years, she started expanding her focus to the Balkans.


Working Out Desire: Women, Sport and Self-Making in Istanbul

Speaker: Sertaç Sehlikoğlu – Social Anthropologist 

Moderation: Burcu Kalpaklıoğlu

Date: November 10, 2021, Wednesday

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm


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For questions and contact havleinfo@gmail.com

Meet-ups are planned to be held every two weeks. 

Meet-ups are closed to the participation of men.