Fighting Early Marriages: Religious Perspective

In this research with a special focus on early marriage experiences and perceptions, we carried out a survey with 2818 participants and in-depth interviews with 54 people. We also visited the five cities, Ağrı, Erzurum, Yozgat, Afyon, Niğde, where the rates of early marriages are the highest in Turkey according to the data by TÜİK. In these cities, we conducted interviews with public office employees, civil society employees, private sector employees, and people who married at an early age during the visits to these cities. On February 15, we organized a summit to share our research results with experts in the field such as law association employees, psychologists, sociologists, healthcare employees, religious scholars, and various civil society organizations. We created an education kit based on this summit and organized four online workshops to share the kit with female preachers, religious education teachers, and religious studies students. We shot five mini-documentaries around the stories of 38 women we interviewed in the cities we visited who married at a young age. We introduced our research report in both Turkish and English, available for the public. Our report acts as a reference in the field and contributed to the feminist agenda.   


Click here to access our mini-documentaries on Early Marriage Experiences and Perceptions in Turkey.